Extension Points

We offer different extension points at various different layers. Since the work on Frontastic is still very much in progress those extension points have different API stabilities.

Our main integration in the backend layer are decorators for all the API integrations we provide. An example for such a decorator would be adding additional information to products when they are loaded, perform price calculations or verify and modify what is put into the cart, for example to calculate custom discounts not supported by your commerce backend.

In the frontend layer you will primarily write new tastics and patterns, which is documented elsewhere, but you can also hook into our redux stack by writing your own reducers and action producers. Additionally, we provide a ComponentInjector, which allows you to exchange some frontastic core components.

  1. Overview on API Decorators
  2. Example: Adding Information to Products
  3. Wrap your React Application with custom components
  4. Extending the webpack configuration
  5. Writing your own Sitemap extension