Debugging with NGrok

NGrok can be used to open a public tunnel to the VM which will provide access to the web application running inside the VM from devices not running in the same network. This can be, for example, used to test the website running inside your VM withyour mobile phone.

Activate NGrok Inside The VM

NGrok is not active by default. You can activate it by adding the following line to the .customer_provision.yml inside the roles:section:

  - role: ngrok
        - de

Where deis the project identifier you want to use ngrok for. This could, of course, be multiple projects.

Then provision your docker container or virtual machine again:

vagrant up [--provider=docker] --provision

If you are using a docker container you might need to reloadthe docker container because there are still issues with supervisor & systemd on docker:

vagrant reload ; vagrant ssh

List Active Tunnels

To get alist of all active tunnels run the following command inside the VM / docker container:

curl http://localhost:4040/api/tunnels | json_pp

The tunnel URL listed under public_url can be used to access the respective project from an device.